Sunday, June 25, 2017

Brian Head, Utah Forest Fire

Before I put some more photos up I want to show a photo I took of the Forest Fire located up at Brian Head, Utah. This fire started last week after a man used a blow torch to burn some weeds on his property. The fire as you can tell quickly got out of hand and is currently the largest forest fire burning in the United States of America 42,800 acres. (According to the Salt Lake Tribune) Thankfully it has stalled out for the moment hopefully permitting the fire personnel to stop the fire from spreading closer to populated locations at the very least. 

Taken Tuesday evening with fire burning at ~1,800 acres

I should also add that blaming the guy who started the fire would be using him as a mere scapegoat. Yes, I agree that what he did was being stupid and ignorant without a doubt but our forests didn't die suddenly overnight. Anyone who's gone up there over the years and paid attention would agree that it's been ready to burn for years now. The guy may have pulled the trigger but we as a state assembled, loaded and aimed the gun a long time ago.

I tried taking a picture of the fire yesterday but the fire has spread so much that the smoke clouds aren't uniform like the one up above. If I want to get a better photo I will need to travel up the mountain a bit. Thankfully there are still areas that are far enough away from the fire where I won't be putting my life at risk. The last thing I want to do is put mine or another person's life at risk just so I can take a good photo.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

18th June 2017

So far in the past two weeks, we’ve had two forest fires around Cedar City, Utah, United States of America. One being about twenty minutes West near a place called “Old Iron Town”. I have a friend living up there so it felt closer than other fires I’ve seen. The second fire started yesterday and in that short time, it had engulfed an estimated 957 acres of land as of last night. That one’s located at a place called Brian Head it being about 30 miles from Cedar City. Evacuations were issued later on that day for 750 people.  There has been a lot of dead trees up there over the years and this is the first fire that I’ve seen up there since moving to Utah in 2001.

As for the editing software that I'm using; I'm slowly but surely getting the hang of it, thankfully.  See you all next week.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Southern Utah Scenery

The photos that I have today are a mountain range that I drive by often when traveling on I-15 between St. George, Utah and Cedar City, Utah. While driving back home I decided to take a detour and take some pictures. I pulled off onto Black Ridge and came across a road that isn't seen on Google maps. I figured I'm up for an adventure and decided to take the road. I must admit it's somewhat nerve-wracking doing this when I haven't traveled much to the middle of nowhere. This is something I hope to change in my life. I traveled about 5 miles West and took these photos. I hope you enjoy them.

Yes, it's sand. Why you ask? Why not? 😊

See you all next week. 🙂

Sunday, June 4, 2017

4th Jun 2017

I know that it's June but I wanted to post the last two pictures I have of Winter. 

I didn't realize how quickly I'm catching up with the pictures I've taken over the long hiatus. Thankfully I'm starting to get out and take more pictures and enjoy the beauties that Nature has to offer.

I originally was going to put this last picture on a later post but I want you to see a current photo rather than ones I've taken a couple of months ago. This picture was taken up and Woods Ranch west of Cedar City, Utah at 5:41 PM this past week. I originally thought it would look better first thing in the morning so I traveled back up to take another photo but the morning sun caused everything to blend together. I'm thinking it's mainly due to the clouds in this picture and the clear sky we had the following morning. I'm still interested on traveling back up and take a picture as the rising sun hits the back mountains and see how that will make things look.